Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gone from Portland, Arrived in Ottawa...

I got delayed in Portland until two am night before last, missed my connection in Chicago, finally made it to Ottawa around two the following afternoon. Bob Murphy will be presenting on "Eye Candy for Mobile Devices" here at the Linux Symposium this afternoon at 1500 in the "Rockhopper" room.

My OSCON talk got a couple of good write-ups, at Information Week and on the "Wireless Blog". Evidently my "this is your cellphone and this is your desktop" slides were quite popular. It was really good to hang out with Neary and Pippin and Pia and Stormy and Dirk and the rest of the gang, just not long enough.

Things to do in Ottawa: get some poutine; have dinner at Sweetgrass; maybe do the Centennial Walk again... I'm also looking forward to the Whisky BoF here at the Linux Symposium; we're evidently breaking with tradition this year and having it off-site at some former government nuclear war shelter. Should be strange and interesting.