Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T-Shirt Designs for the FSF

or perhaps

Some might prefer this one, I suppose.


Mellon said...

yeah! stallman humoris is great!

Antxon said...

xOpen Source 5.0: where </ironic> and </sarcasm> tags can't exist!

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop the fighting and just ignore RMS whenever he says yet another stupid thing.

We're all used to him, and to his silly fanboys. We still develop our stuff because our reasons for doing that are (by far) not the fundamentalist FSF ones.

But really, comon. No need to continue the fighting. Before we create even more fanatic idiots that want to kill Mono developers and other utterly crazy stuff like that.

whitemice said...

Excellent. I like them all.

But I've betrayed the free software several times already today.

Lefty said...

I sympathise, Philip, but I seem to be the only one noting the irony of the FSF scratching its head over why there aren't more women in FLOSS development at the same time its president is wandering around telling people that expressing dismay at his "harmless little joke" makes you an "enemy of the free software movement"...

Br3nda of coffee.geek.nz said...

'xactly! RMS != FSM (despite RMS's acertains, the movement exists quite happily without him)

Lefty said...

@Br3nda, no one at the FSF seems to have informed Mr. "President-for-Life" Stallman. (It may be that no one in the FSM has informed the FSF, for all I know.)

By the way, as a coffee snob*, I heartily recommend our wonderful local product, the "Aeropress" coffee maker. Have you ever tried one?

* Coffee snob credentials: my other coffee maker is a Cona. ;)

Anonymous said...

"No one in the FSM", does the Flying Spaghetti Monster eat people? How else can they be in the FSM?! *aarrh panic*

RAmen, Philip

Mikhail Kvaratskhelia said...

A letter to the women's rights activists attacking the men of the free software movement:

The OSS movement is a success, without women.
The success of the Free Software movement does not require women:
It allready is a success, and it didn't need women to become one.
The reason women are attacking the men of the free software movment is because
the movement is a success: if it was a failure they would never have seen
it on their radar and the men would not be under assault.

However, they (the women) will succede in making sexism unacceptable in OSS
and recruit "diversity", not programming talent.

IE: If you don't obey them and agree with them: no more commit access to svn, no more acceptance of patches, and, hey, they don't even want you to begin with: you're not diverse (not a woman, or of a minority group that women use as supporters as "oppressed people too" (or at least try to)).

Now, men can fork these projects off.
How will the women counter that?
Will they campaign to change the licenses to something that they can control?
Will they use such ideas of "community" and "respect" and "professional civility" to achieve this. Will they have such projects excluded from distributions?
Probably. If none of this works will they use the legal system against men and companies in the free software movement; yes they will (they have done it in other industries and FOSS is just another subset of life for women's rights to wash over and drown)

Women's rights activists (Carla, Skud, Mekinzie...), you may not see yourself as an enemy of the Free Software Movement, but you are an enemy of the Men who participate in the free software movement.

The women's rights activists wish to conquer this territory and then exclude those men who do not follow their demands or "advice". They have done so allready in the past (See: Ted Walther of Debian: kicked out of the debian distribution as a developer because he said anti-feminist things and the Debain Women did not approve of this).

Nina Reiser chose to become an enemy of Hans Reiser, one of the Men of the Free Software Movement. She committed adultery against him with his best friend, then she divorced him and stole his children (whom he loved), then she went after his meager wealth (most of which he had been using to fund opensource development so that we all might benifit), then after doing all this she visited him (perhaps to articulate legal threats to him and demand payment)... that was too much for him to stand there and do nothing. Now we are less one great developer and contributor to the opensource movement: he doesn't get to code while in prison, nor can he allocate monies towards developer's salaries (because he has none: prison doesn't pay well).

The women of the "geek feminism" movement will be just as effective at excising men from the movement as Nina was at systematically destroying Hans Reiser's life untill he saw no reason, nothing left in his life, that could hold him back from striking back. We will be driven out.

Mikhail Kvaratskhelia said...

The Free Software world: "Not a progressive space"?

You are correct, sekretlondon, one strength of the Free Software community is that a man is not judged by his fellow contributors on how hard he grovels to opressed groups such as women, but rather on the degree of quality that is manifest in his work and the volume of that work.

Unfortunately, for men, the women's rights activists (who produce nearly nothing for the Free Software world) are gaining influence and are successfully having men who do not obey and toe the line (of pro-women's rights beliefs) excluded from participating in linux distributions and sometimes even participating in contributing to a project at all. They allready have gotten various software packages they (the women) disliked dropped from the debian distribution, and have had debian developers whom they disliked expelled from the development community or barred from becoming debian developers. They now call for men who really dislike women's rights to be completly excluded from participating in Free Software work, they even want them jailed.

Like all aspects of american and western society, the Free Software movement is slowly being co-opted by women's rights activists: they have set themselves up in positions they believe are influential (but don't require any code or media contributions to Free Software projects): Editors of widely-read linux websites, Heads of various gooddistribution-women groups, and as speakers at Free or Opensource Software confrences. They are succeding, and like those before them, they will not stop untill all men who oppose their beliefs are gone from the "industry". If this goal is not reached by agreement and capitulation then legal coersion and force will be the next method taken (legal action against Free and Opensource organizations, imprisonment for some individuals) and that method will be successful (as it has been in every other industry.)

Sometimes I wonder if men should not just give up on america and the west. Perhaps we should leave it to the birds. Perhaps our talents, should we be so blessed as to posess any, might better be spent in cultures and areas of the world which apreciate men and try to tailor their civilization to the needs and desires of men, should any such cultures and areas of the world exist.

Quote: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Not a progressive space
Secretlondon Oct 10, 2009 11:27am GMT
I think it is about freedom - many contributors are very much on the right where they see FLOSS as a free space away from liberal constructs like political correctness. It is also a space to escape as a man. A place of safety and community where you don't have to be careful what you say.

I find that I get more abuse in the less technical areas of FLOSS so don't subscribe to non- technical lists any more. The Mark Shuttleworth incident was bad because there was a presumption that he was okay it was just some of his staff who complained about "extreme political correctness" when people countered sexist jokes. I think some felt if Mark knew what was going on he'd stop it. It's clear that he's part of the same system and that it's institutional.
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