Monday, April 25, 2011

"iPhone SpyPhone?"—The Music Video!

I constructed a somewhat modified version of Pete Warden's iPhoneTracker tool, and used it to produce this video. I've visualized ten months' worth of location data from my iPhone 4's consolidated.db, as it was added to the database in this, and while it could be said to be "tracking me" in a very general way (like at a city level), it's far from "tracking my every move", in either time or space.

(Sigh. The iframe for the embedded YouTube video doesn't appear on Planet GNOME, at least not for me in Chromium. Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube.)

What do you think?

I've got more information on how I produced this on my main blog, including links to
  • a pre-built version of the modified iPhoneTracker I used
  • the source code changes I made
  • a higher-resolution version of the video which you can download (Quicktime format)
  • and, as a bonus, a downloadable archive of The Wired CD, Creative Commons-licensed music from artists like David Byrne (whose "My Fair Lady" was used as the soundtrack for this).

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